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Jan 23 2022 09:43pm
if in the ptr you start from level 1 and cant import items, i think some kind of trading system would be nice

/e trading forum rather, inb4 trading ingame smooth brain

This post was edited by Subtle on Jan 23 2022 09:44pm
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Jan 24 2022 10:41am
As a classic or hardcore player you really have no other way to connect to others because of the game-viewer issue. JSP is our only hope.
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Jan 24 2022 11:41am
Quote (Hsuhsu @ Jan 23 2022 09:41pm)
Did you mean the "BerMalBerIth" INfIInty ?

All 99 fully geared. I think BerMalBerIth is part of the streamer that is trying to boost the viewer rating, because the infinity was already fully made.
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Jan 24 2022 12:54pm
Really hope we get all the gear we need this time. Rune based and all. Not one claw is given in the current PTR. And what was up with the melee based charms lol.
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Jan 24 2022 01:00pm
Quote (Hsuhsu @ Jan 23 2022 06:41pm)
Did you mean the "BerMalBerIth" INfIInty ?

if anyone still has the delusion that the devs know what they are doing

look at this

the dude who did it couldn't even be assed to correct his error

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