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Jan 23 2022 04:15pm
My wife, my daughter and I all play bedrock Minecraft together, well, learning how to for a few months.

after learning I created a world with no cheats to actually beat the game, and get achievements.

I have gotten to the stronghold part with eyes of ender. I found one stronghold room inside a cave.

I dug all around level 30-45 and didn't find anything else.

my wife helped me look later, still cant find it. I downloaded my world and went into creative in a new one to do a /locate stronghold and it was exactly where I was, 851/120/882 dig straight down and you hit the spiral staircase I found. I dug everywhere and this stronghold doesn't seem to have anything but a spiral staircase.

I looked online and it seems almost impossible for this to happen?

this is driving me insane, I put a lot of work into this world and I seem stuck

can someone please try this in bedrock and see if I am missing something??

seed : 1517739550
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Feb 9 2022 11:35pm
There should be 3 strongholds that spawn equidistant from eachother about coordinates 0,0.

If that one is screwed up, take it's coordinates and travel in a circle about 0,0 120 degrees maintaining the same radius from 0,0 where you have been searching.

Use the eye of ender if you don't want to do the math.
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