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Poll > Lowest Point In Hw History, Since Tim Silvia???
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Jan 23 2022 03:52am
i mean shit we got glover as LHW...which should have never happened. I think jon jones is the only saviour for both of those classes.

lhw is about to become a big stinker, it use to be huge with alexander / dc / rumble / etc....

rip, the lower weight classes are now the big thing, until people considering football and ufc can start offering NFL money which won't happen until this shits on a global scale, by then NFL money will look small since NFL is mainly for USA.

hopefully we will see stars in 10 year from now making 20-30m per fight.
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Jan 23 2022 08:23am
Jon Jones definitely is a way more skilled than NGannou.
Its gonna be fun next
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Jan 23 2022 10:50am
Francis is bad

Even Ciryl will beat him on a rematch. And Jon jones would story both of them

This post was edited by ha66erd on Jan 23 2022 10:50am
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Jan 23 2022 12:25pm
What an incredibly terrible take.


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Jan 23 2022 01:29pm
ngannou vs jones
miocic vs gane

should be the fights to make next
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Jan 23 2022 03:20pm
if ngannou wasnt lying about his leg injury, we gotta wati till we see his next fight to judge him... thats insane that he even won if true
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Jan 23 2022 03:31pm
and the highest point

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