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Jan 23 2022 03:54am
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Jan 23 2022 09:02am
Quote (Ergot @ 23 Jan 2022 04:54)

poor lil jimmy stumbled into the wrong sub forum
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Jan 26 2022 03:15pm
Quote (Ergot @ Jan 23 2022 04:54am)

Yo it's back has the fg to afford it

I bet real money on gane n lost,

Gane made us all lose money by doing that leg lock
Gane could of just held top position and won
The weasel on youtube broke it down by official ufc rules and gane actually technically won on points

But Francis did enuf to keep his belt

Gane landed a few strikes n a take down in the last round

Francis just held top position

Legend has it, gane is still wondering why he went for the submission

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