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Jan 21 2022 01:34am
So I guess my rockstar account got stolen a year or so ago and I recently realized it. Got it back and now my gta5 account has over 800mil and a bunch of maxed out cars and such. Was wondering if any of it is tradable? I don’t really play.

Tbh I’d probably give it back to the person who was playing it if they messaged me on there rs social lol almost feel bad. I’m assuming they’re not the ones that stole it.
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Jan 23 2022 08:39am
Sounds like a hacker.
Your gold is probably modded.
I asked mods a while back, GTA trading not allowed because of possibilty of trading cheated gold.
Therefore banned

/edit: 800mil is in a year alkmost impossible to get.
I make 400k an hour if i get lucky and not being attacked and missions work out.
2000 hours of pure grinding that would be. Without putting anything in cars.

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