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Jan 14 2022 04:48pm
Quote (jmitch21194 @ 14 Jan 2022 14:13)
sounds like youre a southie :P
edit: actually a quincy/dooaaahchestaaaah ked

Hell no. North Shore kehd.
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Jan 14 2022 06:42pm
Quote (freeuse @ Jan 14 2022 04:24pm)
Bro i dont even know what im making for dinner and you think i know what im gonna do on Tuesday?

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Jan 14 2022 06:53pm
Kinda depends on how good the character balances are. If bone Necro gets a huge buff, I'd play that.. imagine a bone Necro doing as much or more then a hdin lol. He would shread everything.

Or just stick to the good old Javazon for cow runs..
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Jan 14 2022 07:05pm
ill start with fb / orb, then respec to lightning when the mfers find my ber runes and griffs
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Jan 14 2022 07:16pm
Will build whatever the current bot meta is.

And probably like 6-10 of them.

This post was edited by lVlrBoJang1es on Jan 14 2022 07:17pm
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Jan 14 2022 07:30pm
orb/fireball sorc to start

and if gambling has a market in ladder, i'll switch all resources to a travs farm barb for runes/gold. its the most relaxing/enjoyable farming i've had in d2r thus far
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Jan 14 2022 07:33pm
Quote (Tocino @ Jan 14 2022 05:30pm)
Druid for me, excited about the buffs to fire and summons.

Ditto. I really enjoyed my druid and wanted to make him work. Hopefully the fire spells and other buffs will make that possible
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