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Jan 13 2022 08:38am
Ladder Slasher Damage Calculator V1

This calculates how much damage an item will do, which is helpful for comparing items.
Follow the instructions on the Sheet.


The calculation is correct for giving you the value for character links such as: https://forums.d2jsp.org/user.php?c=3&i=193561&p=58179
As these numbers do not include proficiency.

If you want the damage calculation for Item History such as https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org/itemHistory.php?i=3414670&c=0
Change the Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence values to 0.

If you want your damage in game, add your current proficiency to the EE of the item.

Coming soon:
3 separate Damage calculations in the sheet, one for profile link, one for Item History, one for in game. As stated currently it's aimed for profile links.
Inclusion of the EE Cap. For those unaware, EE+prof above (20*tier + 20) will not actually give additional damage. So as an example if you have a Tier 4 Sword with 100ee and 10 prof, this would cap at 100, so a 90ee sword would deal the exact same damage for that amount of prof. Having an unspawn item such as a tier 1 with 200ee would only count as 40ee.
Add proficiency. Should have already done this but the workaround of adding your proficiency to the EE value is simple enough.

Coming much later:
Damage per second calculations, ideally including critical strike/mind numb/quickdraw/power shot
Not enough data exists for the critical strike calculation and no testing at all has been done on mind numb as far as i'm aware.

Firstly i'd like to thank ahs_darkhunter and meridius for the charm calculation which is as follows:
(1 + (int - 5) / 100) * ( 1 + (ee + prof + mastery) / 100) * base damage from https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org/index.php?g=11 = show damage in game(rounded DOWN to nearest whole number, so 400.9 damage would become 400)

The Weapon calculation is as follows:
(0.95 + (instances + instances/4(rounded_down)/100)) * (1+(ee+prof)/100) * base damage from https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org/index.php?g=11 = show damage in game
So to understand what i mean by a damage instance, you need to note that each Weapon has a Strength/Dexterity ratio attached to it, these ratios are shown here: https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org/index.php?g=11
The way that these work is that specific values of strength or dexterity will add damage based on the ratio. So 9 out of the 10 increases in strength from 40 to 50 will add damage for clubs, these being 40,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50. 41 and all numbers ending with a 1 will not add damage for that specific 1 strength.
Basically increasing your stats to a green number will cause increased damage, for the formula a "damage instance" is the total number of times damage has been increased from strength/dex. Also note every 4 times you increase your damage from adding stats, you get bonus damage.

So as an example, the amount of instances of a club on an alchemist with no gear and starting strength(10)/dex(40) is as follows for clubs:
Strength instances: (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.10) = 9 total
Dexterity instances: (10,20,30,40) = 4 total
9 + 4 = 13 total "Damage instances"

Thanks all for reading, please let me know if you find any errors with the calculator or if someone manages to break it.
Any suggestions of how to improve readability or any other suggestions please post!

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Jan 14 2022 08:34am
I've already started on V2, will probably just update the V1 as i can't edit the google sheet link but i can edit the google sheet itself.
Currently the updates are on my private copy. Should be able to just copy and paste though.

3 separate Damage calculations - Done
EE cap - Done
proficiency - Done

Damage per second calculations:
Power shot - Done
Critical Strike - More testing needed. This was done a while back in this topic: https://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=80541143&f=74 I may try this style of topic of requesting testers to give some numbers.
Mind Numb - More testing needed, will probably do this myself seeing i have a 11% mind numb robe. I'm expecting it to have more effect on higher level mobs

Quickdraw - Looking for more information,
Can anyone answer the below?
Is your total quickdraw = chance to quickdraw? or do you think the chance is lower? There are 2 options i believe either for the example earlier it'll do 20% of 100 = 80%, then 20% of 80% = ~16 = ~36% or 20 + 20 = 40%
Is quickdrawing off of a quickdraw attack possible? i.e 3+ attacks with 0.45 secs apart (heavy) or 0.25 secs apart (standard). From my own testing i never got this to happen but never used more than 20%
Sorry for the tag but not sure who else might have tested this and you might be able to give your opinion, not sure if you were using QD with your BAxes or not. Can't think of anyone else regularly using Heavy's to ask for their opinion.
I am also presuming the heavy attack 1.8 sec delay would be calculated on the quickdraw hit, so 2.25 secs after the original attack rather than 1.8 secs.

I'll update the sheet once i have an answer on QuickDraw. Suppose i can always update it, but would like the best answers possible for known information before inserting anything into the sheet.

Some very relevant data revolving around quickdraw and heavy weapons here:
Quick Draw now decreases the next attack time by 75% (from 50%)
Decreased Heavy Weapon attack speed from 2 seconds to 1.8 seconds

One other note which would be nice to know more about is when weapons deal more than maximum damage, this has been noted by more than a few people, more noticable the more max damage you have, staffs in particular and had a few reports of it being noticable on axes. Pretty sure it affects all weapons, not so sure about charms.
Was suggested to call this "Real Damage". I doubt much testing has been done on this though, will consider looking at this after looking at crit.
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Jan 14 2022 09:17am
For me it felt like QD Chance it the actuall chance to QD.

It should be very easy to test while soloing with sound on thought. In Wistle climbs its kinda mä....

Maybe or could give their input here.
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Jan 15 2022 02:46pm
Wow, this is a great read and great info. Had a question about this the other day too! Thx bigheaded!
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Jan 15 2022 02:47pm
Amazing :hail:
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Jan 16 2022 07:30am
Great work! :banana:
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Jan 16 2022 09:03am
pm me a specific question regarding QD via pm and I'll answer, but I am simply to lazy to read all the stuff above
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Jan 16 2022 12:11pm
Much thanks to derDrops for the following:

chances of items simply add up. so, one item 14% and another 12% makes total 26%.

subsequent instances of QD triggers are possible. on every hit, no matter how generated, you can get a QD hit. I did quite some chains with heavies on tough mobs.

btw, also QD hits generate profs.

Hadn't expected to be able to chain quickdraws, seems too good, guess i'll find out when i chuck that into the calculations. In theory lets suggest we used a 20% weapon,armor,charm and glyph. get to 80% QD which should deal roughly 3 times as much damage (100% qd would be 4 times as much, seeing attack time reduced from 1 sec to 0.25 secs on normal wep and 1.8 to 0.45 secs on heavy)

Struggling to figure out the equation tonight, tried 2 different methods which made sense in my head but wrong on paper.
Shouldnt be that bad, will probably come to me at some point
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Jan 16 2022 03:19pm
Tracked! Awesome work ^_^
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Jan 16 2022 03:31pm
Quote (Roses @ Jan 16 2022 09:19pm)
Tracked! Awesome work ^_^


Did figure out a "solution" to the quick draw, but it's not very clean, so hoping to get a better version before final release.
This is the current WIP, just waiting on 1 more answer and ideally a cleaner formula for QD before I update the spreadsheet on the first post

Unfortunately the next step is critical strike.
If anyone would like to volunteer for some data input work, it would be appreciated :rofl:
(literally take the data which currently exists and input it into a google sheet so that i can "hopefully" be able to make some sense out of it)
could do mind numb/ap first but i think crit is more significant and more data is available for crit

oh and i changed damage cap to EE cap, significant difference there lol

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