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Jan 9 2022 05:46pm
Quote (Sumflower @ Jan 9 2022 03:35pm)
Cats in general can be tricky, and this sound like an extra tricky problem on top of that. I have 2 ideas. 1) Maybe try playing with them more to get more energy out so they wont want to go after the computer mouse. 2) Give him something more entertaining. Like "cat tv" which could literally be a cat channel on another tv/monitor, a bird feeder or something outside of a window for them to look at, or (something I wouldn't normally suggest but in this case who knows) one of those self moving laser pointer things. Other things that might keep your cat busy is some kind of pet puzzles or toys that you hide treats in and they have to figure out how to get their snack out.

It sounds like you have a smart, high energy kitty. I understand how difficult it is to deal with a smart cat (mine figured out how to open doors too), luckily mine is fairly low energy most of the time though. You might need to help get some of their energy out more. To cats even watching things move around takes energy, like they are planning their move and stuff. So sounds like he's using the cursor to watch like prey because they still have a lot of energy. IDK if you have heard of Jackson Galaxy, but he has some youtube videos and stuff that might help give some other ideas to for the "cat tv" idea.

i just gave up and put visualizer videos on with little orbs crashing into structures and shit and he stares at those now. god only knows how this is going to work when i need those monitors for work but for now that was the fix
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Jan 11 2022 06:04pm
Quote (Arkontas @ Jan 6 2022 03:29pm)
more than that, think about any time youve been annoyed about a random dog, and think about how many random cats have annoyed you and the dogs 100% outnumber the cats.

I have never thought of it this way but you are actually quite right.

But the cutest dogs still out-cute the cutest cats though.
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Feb 28 2022 10:11pm
Dogs > cats
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May 3 2022 07:47pm
Quote (Unbornsav @ Jan 6 2022 04:10pm)
you dont

^nailed it, tbh

I use tin foil behind my TV so my cat won't climb back there, they hate the loud intense crinkling noise (tho some cats might not)
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