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> Iso Mesos And Assistance On Bera
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Dec 30 2021 04:30pm
Hey fellow Maplers,

A few friends and I have decided to get back into some good old Maplestory after nearly a decade of not playing. This effectively means, that we have no idea what we're doing currently. Obviously, we are leveling up and having fun, but I would like to get a little more insight on which gear to get in high level (enhancements, this anvil thing? and so on.), what bosses/party quests to do, and just a helping hand in general to guide my friends and I in the right direction as we progress with our leveling (currently level 111). For gear purposes, I will need some mesos obviously, which is why I'm in search of mesos for all my current fg + possibly more.

I would love to meet up in-game or talk on Discord with anyone willing to answer a few questions and perhaps guide me through some of the basics in regard to gearing up. I have been looking at the auction house but I have no idea if the items are actually priced right or way too expensive. I'll happily buy some gear from someone here on jsp who can help me with the right prices :thumbsup:

A note: I have a bunch of tradable NX items in my inventory that I apparently opened a long time ago. As the auction house is not overflooded with items, it is a bit difficult to get an idea of the value of some of these items. Perhaps someone could help me with this as well as I believe I have several billion mesos in NX items

Please leave a post or pm me directly with either a fg/mesos ratio or if you feel like a kind soul willing to answer a few questions.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :santa:

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Dec 31 2021 02:50pm
used to play back in old hs days miss that old beta.... when everthing was team effort game now is totally different
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