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Dec 21 2021 08:30pm
Hi, i'm formerly: https://forums.d2jsp.org/user.php?i=356705 but I don't remember the account password / e-mail anymore, and D2JSp won't let me get it back.


I am a former Halo 3 MLG 50, Former Starcraft 2 Grandmaster, Former... i'm good at every video game. I'm back playing Halo Infinite and trying to get good enough to win HCS tournaments.
In my practice i've already leveled 4 accounts to Onyx+ in BOTH playlists (solo/duo controller and Open)

Ranked boosting services:

Any Rank - Onyx = ONLY 1500FG!
Coaching = 250 FG an hour

I'm mostly after some recommendations for my service, so my prices should be cheaper than anyone else. I am well mannered, well skilled and should be extremely fast.
I can get an unranked account to onyx in two days max.

Stream available for free if you want it.

Add me on Discord: Raine#6911 or here on this forum.

Payment methods:
Forum Gold

Boosting/selling done by hand
No cheats, hacks, exploits or any 3rd party used
Based in Canada‚Äč

Let me know if you have any questions regarding, literally anything. PMs or Posts welcome.
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Dec 21 2021 08:35pm
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Dec 23 2021 04:40pm
hmu if you want to run some Raine, i remember you from the days
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Dec 23 2021 05:05pm

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Feb 6 2022 08:30pm
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Feb 6 2022 10:21pm
should i be geo filtering coach?
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Feb 11 2022 01:15pm
Cant remember if we ever met or not youre name is familiar I was pro H2 when I was a kiddo

I was: I Kratos I. Was top 100 MLG I think 2017 that circuit year. Teammates were Halzred and zmcbride and forget who else. Never played top 8 in any tourneys that year. I'm bad now though but hmu if you ever need 1
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Feb 19 2022 08:24pm
I was pro MLG 50 H3 as well. Now on infinite. We should link
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Apr 22 2022 11:58am
Quote (Hula @ Feb 19 2022 09:24pm)
I was pro MLG 50 H3 as well. Now on infinite. We should link



Sidenote, vouch for Rayne. Dude is ILL

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