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Dec 20 2021 11:24am

Just a shout out to all melee legend that hosted the " United Guilds Melee Ladder " over all these years ! Thank you all and lets continue this on Diablo 2 Resurected !


Please respect each other, this is a place to have fun, meet new people and learn melee all together, good duels folk !

Gm Melee Rules

Characters allowed to play this ladder: Jab Amazon, Fury Druid, Zealot Paladin, Concentrate Barbarian, Maul Bear, WereWolf Barbarian.
A challenge will be best 2/3 sets, first to 6 must win each set by 2 duels. If a Werewolf or Werebear shifts into Human form, the duel is over and point is awarded to opponent.
You may change gear twice during a set and once between each set. You must announced this by saying "swap 1 or swap 2" during a set.
Using a token during a challenge is not permitted. When you start your best 2/3 series, you must keep the same stats during the entire series.
You may duel in the Inner Cloister or Blood Moor.
You will be dueling in Normal.

Challenge system please read before issueing new challenges

Want to be added to the ladder ? Please post your JSP name/Character name/type of character.
You are allowed to challenge 1-2 ranks above you until you get to #3. At #3, you win both to get to #1.
To issue a challenge you must pm your opponent, then post in thread.
If you issue a challenge and win, you must wait 12 hours to issue another challenge. If you issue a challenge and lose you must wait 24 hours to issue another challenge, or 48 hours to rechallenge the same person.
If you are challenged and win, you can issue a challenge immediately. If you are challenged and lose, you must wait 24 hours to issue a challenge.
3-Day Dodge rule NO EXCEPTIONS (AFK, No-reply, No-show = Auto-loss) 2 consecutive Dodges = Removed from ladder.
If you cannot complete your challenge on time it is your responsibitly to PM your challenger to inform them and then post in thread asking for an extension. If you fail to do this dodge rule will be enforced. *= Dodge
If neither of you post why it wasn't completed, its a dodge for the challenged individual. NO EXCEPTIONS.
GM melee rules apply to all duels. If you have any questions about the rules, post.


- Do not commit acts of bad manner.
- Do not angle (both parallel to the town door)
- Do not prebuff.
- Do not use poison.
- Do not use slow.
- Do not enchant.
- Do not smite.
- Do not charge.
- Do not jump.
- Do not pot.
- Do not run.
- Do not whirlwind.
- Do not knockback.
- Do not use items that emit auras which affect player vs. player (PVP) and cause physical and/or elemental damage.
- Do not emit the holy freeze aura.
- Do not cast item/torch charges.

Equipment Section:

Weapons - Rares/Magics
Any weapon with poison damage
Any weapon with more than 300 elemental damage.
Any weapon with higher than level 5 cast.
Any weapon that casts amplify curses
Any poison on gear
Any weapons have that cast/proc upon death are permitted. For example: Breath of the dying

List of BM Weapons:

Weapons - Uniques
Cranebeak (War Spike)
Hell Slayer (Decapitator)
Messerschmidt's Reaver (Champion Axe)
Fleshripper (Fanged Knifte)
Nord's Tenderizer (Truncheon)
Demon Limb (Tyrant Club)
Baranar's Star (Devil Star)
Horizon's Tornado (Scourge)
Stormlash (Scourge)
Windhammer (Ogre Maul)
Astreon's Iron Ward (Caduceus)
Djinn Slayer (Ataghan)
Lightsabre (Phase Blade)
Azurewrath (Phase Blade)
Frostwind (Cryptic Sword)
Flamebellow (Balrog Blade)



Armors & Jewelry:

Any armor or jewelry that casts curses. (EXCEPTIONS: Steel Carapace and Exile for Zeal vs Zeal) If you want to duel non tap - ignore this exception.
Any armor or jewelry that adds more than 50 elemental/magic damage
Any armor or jewelry that cast an elemental damage skill over Level 5 - Fortitude cast - chilling armor is not a damage skill
Any armor that cast enchant
Any armor that slows
Any armor that applies knockback
Any ethereal armor with no self repair mod or zod rune (breakable armor)
Any jewel with elemental dmg is not permitted
Any weapon not mentioned that falls in the above rules

List of BM Armors & Jewelry:

Phoenix (Runeword shield)
Nosferatu's Coil (Vampirefang Belt)
Arachnid Mesh (Spiderweb Sash)
Cleglaw's Pincers (Set gloves)
Andariel's Visage (Demonhead)
Blackhorn's Face (Death Mask)
Giant Skull (Bone Visage)
Dracul's Grasp (Vampirebone Gloves)
Lavagout (Battle Gauntlets)
Atma's Scarab
Steel carapace
Ethereal Fort
Ethereal Stone
Any armor and jewelry not mentioned that falls in the above rules


No elemental or poison damage in any charm. EXCEPTION: Hellfire Torch

Special mentions and FAQS - PLEASE READ

Game creation - Duels will be done on NORMAL

Starting Duel - Both must say "go" in chat at the same time action begins OR Both players must shift attack towards each other to commence the duel

Miss-Clicking - Continue fighting - if there is a continous issue of missclicking, you will be disqualified

Glitched Strength - Auto DQ will result if you die and can't pick up gear. EXCEPTION: Item broke during duel causing you to not be able to pick up body

Chilling Armor - Must not be on prior to a duel, referee or opponent to kill off surviving player with chilling armor

Holyshield - Do not cast holyshield prior to gear swap. Referee will have to kill off player to reset

Running into/during Duel - Point awarded to opponent

Draws - If a player kills each other at the same time by melee swings it is a draw. No point awarded to either player. EXCEPTION: If Player A kills Player B. Then if Player A dies by Player B's torch. Player A is awarded the point.

Use of Exile - Zeal vs Zeal only. You can choose to duel non tap if you wish, opponent does not have to.

Gear checks can be requested during any time during a ladder or tournament setting within reason. Must be done via referee. Player who refuses to comply with gear check is disqualified.

The player being gear checked, must not go back to stash to make changes. If you cannot find a referee, you may delay the challenge until one can be present. If delayed, score will remain the same until resolved.

Gds and enjoy the game ! best regards, Stevo :)

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Dec 20 2021 11:36am

Lets start this guys and please to all new make sure you read and understand the rules...

No Crowns for now... we need to rode this few weeks before and i will add !
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Dec 20 2021 11:47am
Oooo Snap

lets get it you derelicts

bluntzuko\bluntz\90 zealer
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Dec 20 2021 01:12pm
massive_mark / SmiteSucks / 86 zealer
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Dec 20 2021 01:26pm
imnaar / gnarly / 92 zealer

but daddy isn't ready need you to help me finish this build <3
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Dec 20 2021 02:13pm
Sparkz8909/ USA / 95 zeal

Cant fucking wait for us to get the positions set. So many people this should be fun. Happy climbing !

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Dec 20 2021 02:15pm
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Dec 20 2021 02:39pm
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Dec 20 2021 03:11pm
Love it!!

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Dec 20 2021 03:19pm
NeilM - 97 zealer - Banefire

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