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Dec 12 2021 07:02am
:santa: Merry Christmas :santa:

Please track this topic to ensure you are notified when a new giveaway starts!

Pm a Trade Assistant or a Trade Moderator
with the following:

Realm + Core
Game name + Password
Overview of your items you want to give away

After you pm'ed one of them, they will add your game in this list

Always check the last posts for the games!
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Dec 15 2021 11:18am
PM ://forums.d2jsp.org/user.php?i=1234224 for tag to join game!

xbox softcore
CrucifictionGod is my game name, they can join by my profile
and just random items from mf, some runewords, some high and low level epics and sets.
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Dec 26 2021 04:47am
Quote (Toxic4200 @ Dec 26 2021 11:46am)
Message Forwarded From Toxic4200
I've noticed not too many people contributed to the Xbox side of things so here we go.

Xbox Softcore
Gamertag : i Toxic420 i
Waiting in open game, join on profile.

-50+ Caster amulets, various skills.
-Low level gear I use when levelling my characters(spirit, vmaji ,rhyme, sigons, circs, stealth)
-Misc. str/dex/res/gheeds charm
-Shadow dancers
-Lycanders aim
-Couple pairs of mf duel res boots.

Merry christmas

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