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Nov 25 2021 05:21am
Quote (JeRRy- @ Nov 25 2021 06:15am)
Yet it's few months since the release and nobody posted a real proof of a working bot, just rumours ^^

What? They're public/free by now and there's plenty of proof. No one is posting because it's against the rules, go do your own research.
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Nov 25 2021 05:24am
20perf maras is suspect.
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Nov 25 2021 06:12am
he's clearing stock from his online d2r item store..
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Nov 25 2021 06:17am
imagine ur whole thing u do in life is look for items on one website that gona sell for moer on another and then u post them there on the other one. if some1 buy u buy form other one give to nother one.

boom now u have every item on jsp available for trade one one and on nother u have whole nother other one for trade on the nother.

u have no investment but all the itesm gds
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Nov 25 2021 06:56am
he has a couple of each and make it seem like he has 1000x each to increase the amount of attention pointing at his ft topic ;)
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Nov 25 2021 07:01am
Quote (Juksu98 @ Nov 25 2021 08:18am)
Itemshop 100% selling their stuff away. Prob getting more value in fg than real money currently from these. They can buy more wanted items with fg and sell those with real money

This, They aint selling Bers and Griffons
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