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Oct 20 2021 03:12pm
Quote (cjlove90 @ 20 Oct 2021 16:13)
finding durance level 3 :rofl:

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Oct 20 2021 03:20pm
Quote (Sonnero @ Oct 20 2021 01:21pm)
Just run through the act and go in every little "side area" off the main path. Eventually you'll find a Spider Cavern, get the quest item there. Then you'll find the gidbinn, you can kill him and Ormus will give you a ring. The Flayer Dungeon is next to the gidbinn, so go down to the bottom of that to get the next quest item. Now things get easy, you just finish the "run to trav" bit but stop in the sewers in the Kurast Bazaar or Upper Kurast. Run around the edges of that map till you find the crank and the unique bat pack. Kill that pack, hit the crank and go down and get the last quest item. Finish the "run to trav" except this time, just pick up the flail, cube it with your quest items, and go in to durance. It's really not that hard. Sure it takes some time, but if you just came out of a tomb run, you'll be getting great xp still from all the monsters.

People underrate act 3 for it's xp. Most people literally just kill the trav pack, and mephisto, and wonder why they are too low of level to effectively kill or get xp in act 4.

If you just run through killing stuff, it actually doesn't take much longer than act 1 or 2, because unless you get really unlucky with the pathing it's mostly just a straight run through.


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