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Jan 10 2022 10:39am
ah could work if it was like wow and the in game golds worth trading
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Jan 10 2022 06:32pm
i hope not.
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Jan 11 2022 10:00am
Quote (BloodGolem @ Oct 12 2021 01:07pm)
I hope Diablo 4 has 2 different currencies and a very proper auction house. One currecy will be standart in game gold and the other currency is a trading only crdeits which can not be sold by blizz but gained by trading.

There's going to be 2 currencies. In game gold and a currency that only Blizzard sells that is not tradeable.
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Jan 12 2022 05:45am
Quote (huah @ Oct 29 2021 02:29am)
Hope they just have some sort of decent trading structure, AH or not

structure? you mean the "structure" of being completely free to trade anything like diablo 2 had right
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Jan 14 2022 06:54pm
would be cool if they implemented blockchain like Mirandus plans to
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Jan 21 2022 03:46pm
so is d3 n d4 for like wow players who got old of wow... like wtf lol they ruind d2
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