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Oct 8 2021 09:48am
Hey D2:R Players!

To better serve the users who may be looking for a bit of starter gear, and to give users with a surplus of gear(or cleaning out their stash) a chance to give back we will have this thread to provide items that may be free and up for grabs. The trading grounds are not a place to offer these items up for free, so this thread will be used to handle that.

• You may only offer free items in this thread. You may not beg for free gear, services, fg, or anything else.
• Keep this thread clean. You do not need to post after you've given the game information, and you don't need to post mentioning that you received the items.
• First come first serve for items, you cannot call dibs on an item or claim that items posted in this thread are for a specific user. Consider it a free-for-all.
• Please try to drop the free gear in a normal game.

Please post using the below format-
  • Region: (Americas, Europe, Asia)
  • Core: Softcore or Hardcore
  • Ladder or Non-ladder
  • Classic or Expansion
  • Game Name
  • Password
  • Location of the free items(e.g. Dropped in A1 near Charsi)
  • Additional information: (If you want to describe what items you dropped that's fine, but it's not required)

Thanks all, and enjoy!
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Oct 8 2021 10:03am
I have some low lvl stuff i can donate plz only take what you need
Region: (Americas, )
Core: Hardcore
Game Name munky1
Password 1
Location of the free items Act 1 need fire (I will hold them so they don't poof till people join i guess)
!! No takers I'll try again later Game Closed!!

This post was edited by Istfensarion on Oct 8 2021 10:12am
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Oct 8 2021 09:40pm
Region: Europe
Core: Softcore
Password: <there is no password>
Location of the free items: all act one town near chest
Additional information: (its mostly low level set items / uniques - starter gear

I'll leave the game open for a while, but if it doesn't exist then its closed

CLOSED - Full party, hope it helped people.

This post was edited by kimpton on Oct 8 2021 09:53pm
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Oct 8 2021 10:11pm
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Oct 9 2021 06:06am
BBE1 // 1

free items at act1 stash,

staying 10 minutes or till all is gone.

only low items for starters
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Oct 9 2021 08:21am
Great thread. Will partake soon
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Oct 9 2021 08:27am
This post is a violation of the site rules and appropriate action was taken.

I could use OHM BER and JAH
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Oct 9 2021 04:38pm
Took my idea and expanded on it. Nice
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Oct 10 2021 01:42am
edit game changing to normal

This post was edited by swmtrunks on Oct 10 2021 01:47am
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Oct 10 2021 12:31pm
Fuck it I’ll give away some free LL runewords when I get home tonight
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