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#1 Jun 21 2007 04:33pm
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I write this guide for fellow members for complete game is very hard in times for first time. I pley game for more than week now and i very good beginer so i very pleasure for helpin you pepols who experience hardships for different quests , sory for english is no very nice i from bulgaria so understandible.

Table of contens (Seperation for each post) I hev not complete whole game yet



Is very important for read all men in village before make out kill monster. Is very important for text very important for game pley, is adventure so enjoy. When read all text from men in village, you go out is call blood more
when go out but no afraid, is no bad as pepols thinkks for first time. Is differ monster in this Think, first zombie and other rat shoots stuff is call no remember is like knife. For you kill is very easy for kill and white thing you know go up when kill so for this reason is very nice for kill. You kill you kill until white think is full and sound comes "BOOM" you became leval 2. For now is very nice trick you may selekt stat points from


Is very hard selekt first time, but save time i say you for selekt Energy all time. Is very good reson for this. Me friend hev man level 30 now, and for now no have enuff mana for make good attak, becos have sorceress and selekt strenghth for no need this. Is better for mana for future purpose remember this very important rule.

Vitalirity is no good becos is only life, when die is important jus live again take body no problems, you know what i will mean if you contiknue pley.

Skill is very nice trick, this one selekt magick. I say this for every charakter


IS NOw this general idea for skills is nice. Now that explein wel.

Anyever, when come for blood more, see cave is very nice trick. Klick cave for enter, and quest tell for make kill all monster. IS very simple for doin this go back to lady purple for talk and give skills. Very nice.

Now for next quest is nice for make merc. This quest took very time becos boss must meet very danger for is very hard. Is call BLOOD RAVEN. Blood raven makes very cool damage she is locate in area call burial ground for making arrows for monster she is call corrupt (i search diktionary mean bad) for this reason very hard. Must make leval 10 before meet blood raven i tell .. she is locate near stoney feild when meet her is very nice for kill.

When kill make very nice trick, press blue think in inventorary for make blue circle. This blue circle klick and MAGIC you back step 1. For now talk to red hair lady ( I forgot name HAHA smile.gif ) anyever, she give you bowman for help.

Now after this is very important trick. A BarBarian name "aTI_Fastfurious" will make for you a blue cirkle after this quest, you go in cirkle for call katakombs level 4 and ground shakes, you complete AKT 1. For now you must speak for blue man, again forgot name. But you talk him and he show you movie, is very nice movie, i wont tell what heppens for ruin the movie for you pepole smile.gif

Also this homepage Diablo JSP is very nice for community. I pay Good money for get think call "FORUM GOLD" by man name "njaguar" is very nice. With gold make deals in forum is nice for us starter now is not?


This akt is very hard in comparison for what we complete last akt, now is very important for selekt good skills for make benefit for game taktiks. I hav now sorceres fire ball is very nice damage (40) , I kill monster very fast and selekt only stat point energy for make attack more and more and more. Now, is very important trick. When come town always speak for people for get good feeling in game play. Is adventure remember just enjoy game. Then make first quest; this very hard. Must go into a hole in ground call sewars, is very hard monster there. But thanks for this fire ball I kill monster fast, for make it very simple in me imaginatory.

You go kill monster until reach sewards leval 3 there is very hard monster but is worth it for drop book very nice, this very nice trick, for now make a very nice trick for klick blue cirkle for make town very easy + fast, remember from what we learn from akt 1. Now talk to lady in house, for make give skill level, Like said before this very important step for selekt korrekt skill for make mistake is very hard I n future, must think
Future very much. Look up in guide for see I tell you what be good.

Now when this done is very important for make quest 2, is call horaric cube , is very important for game pley, without horaric cube no complete akt2. There for is very importense for make this quest. You go outside village this time for make out in desert, but don’t wory, there is water outside when drink water outside gain mana + life, is very nice. When this done is very hard for make death. Now is important step
Soon you see some strange think is call no remember, but is a place, I think it say what place is it in quest book, for this think must enter. Is very east for find you must not miss it. When enter is go inside for kill all monster and continue jus like we before did quest 1 for make this very nice. When open chest is very nice think happen, you get brown cube, is like box put thinks in it.

When that done, is very hard for know what to do, I hev to borrow diktionary for understand what means by next quest, Go far oasis kill big maggot ( I look it up maggot mean insekt ) , this is very hard for find
You run around for minute maybe hour until find this, but is worth it becos without this think, is very hard maybe impossible for complete this game. You go for search for this far oasis, is localization is no very near must run around for kill monster is very hard . When enter far oasis, is very hard for must find hole in ground like insekt hole, if you know wat look like. Very hard for find I must sey again.

When finally find this think, is become easy. You kill all monster until you come maggot level 3, for here is big maggot (insekt) for must kill. Is very hard in start becos she put green think on you and lose life very much , this is very hard for quest. This is very nice trick, before go kill maggot, make blue cirkle becos if must die, is very easy go back, simple klick blue cirkle. When kill this maggot is very nice, becos items drop brown glove, hand of brock become blue. Is make 3 % life leach and 3 % mana leach, is good becos If no hev mana I hit with sword and get mana. Is very nice. Also important think is staff . but this staff is very bad for sorceress, but is nice for trick I tell later.

Now must find lost city, lost mean gone therefore is mean gone city, is very hard for find. It is important for make waypoint. Think is locate on ground function for as blue cirkle but is very nice becos never is removed. Now when lost city must find think call valley of snake, is very hard for find, but is worth it becos very important for game play in generally. When find this think, is very nice becos now again must make quest very important for this. Snake is like animal like worm but danger now what mean? If no know what snake is private massage me and I give translation in Bulgaria. When enter snake house is very hard becos snake very danger – I die meny time here but is very important no give up, is tuff game and this game only for tuff gamers, I am very tuff gamer so I contineu for die until all snake dead, this took 3 hour for me, but is worth it. I finally came to leval 2 snakes, there is very hard snake is green and very fast. When hit this snake You get elektrikt chock, very hard. But alone you must find a way to kill this is very hard I know , but it all dependent on you. When kill this big snake must klick on another chest drop brown amulat. Is very important think now, for now you take all brown thinks drop on ground in cube and press transmate, become very big staff. This staff is very good for complete game pley.

Once hev staff, is very nice becos now use staff for sorceress, very nice. I hev speaken to pepols who say me staff not very good, but I tell them for different resons why staf is nice. For first, it heves resistance for second it has faster move for hitting, good for me becos I hev hand of brock for leech gloves. Now for make this simplicity even more simple, I say wear staff.

Now for continueation for akt 2, is very important you know you see palace very big is like on the milk bottle you see kefir, from Russia, looks like same. Enter for go down. Now this is the hardest part of game, a sorceress level 80 standing there guard. If go down boom dead. I lost very many gold on this, is very hard – I check gamefaqs for support, they say me there is no such think, maybe they pley klassikal Diablo, but this is lord of destruction expension For much harder then klassikal. Now note very important, I think this palace is very secret place, need code for enter and sorceress must go away with secret code, don’t think enyone know this code yet, but there hev difference option for complete this akt. I die, I die and I die, lost very many gold on this is impossible, she shoot me with very strange attack is like blue think come from roof. But then very nice trick happen, after 30 minute of die, blue cirkle come, I enter and I come in space. I get new quest from book, say me kill summoner, this summoner very hard becos he make magick is very hard for beginer but no for me becos I good at games usually when starting phase. He was hard for find becos different roads go different ways, but I make new frend, this frend name is Panek, also from Bulgaria, very nice frend. We make taktiks for divide efforts becos panek hev nekro for make skeleton, I say him very good job for this, he no beginer. We find summoner for only 10 minutes it take, when we kill we press on think and red cirkle come. I think was trap becos red, but I go anyever for discover trap. I come desert, and strange think on ground. Is a waypoint very usefully for times.

I go back for town and see new blue cirkle, I go in, ground shake, strange think happen just like in Akt 1, mean I complete game. There is hole in wall I go in and I walk and walk and I see Man very strange man for talk him, I talk other pepols and I talk to shipman, and I see very nice movie. You hev to watch movie youself else no fun for watch. Very nice.


Now for Akt 3 is very strange. Man in village call “Solo_Sorcy” say me need free items. I not understand this so I use diktionary in front of me. Items mean think. Free mean for no kost. I think this very silly for quest but , I say myself, this game is made very hard for pleyer, but im not bad on game like you pepols know, for komplete game must give all items for this leval 15 sorceress else not komplete quest, not kompleted quest mean no akt 4, So I force to give all item to this man. Game become very hard now, no gold no item, but im very smart becos I never need hit becos I use mana for attack. Now I go outside I see strange man, strange man gone and monster came, is very bad monster I kill all one hit I laugh at game hahahaha. Very easy. I follow road and kill everythink and Is very important for get new item very fast becos without item boss is very hard. Now I kill monster very big strange monster, they drop brown think very strange, I go around and I trade it with boat man. He give me bird, but this make me very sad becos I think he trick me for man is worth more. Now very strange other think happen, I talk to other man in village talk very strange, I think he talk like apu from simpson (yellow men) but I say myself, not understand. So I translate everythink. This quest I now translate for you pepols to save time. This strange man want bird and steal bird. He give me back a potion for give me 20 life back. This make me very angry, This village is very not frendly, they sole all me item, and they just trade without me wanting to do so. So for future pepols, is very important if you fiend brown item, ALWAYS KEEP. Else strange men take item and you loss: I just warn you for future.

Now for this akt is very strange. But I honest say when this is very strange for blue cirkle come all time and I simple easy komplete game. I go in portal .. Shake, etc… just like before times, but this time must do very important trick. Is very important for see very BIG cirkle, go in cirkle for next AKT 4. You go in and watch movie, very nice.

For further comment for this akt I must say this was easy akt, I think this akt is not for real becos only short but was hard becos now I hev no item, no brown think and only potion 20 life. I think I say this when I say for all of us pleyers, this is probable joke from blizzard when steal thinks from new pleyers makes me very very mad, I want to wrestle with creator now. There is relley not much to add, just beware of not talking to stealors in AKT 3.


When I come for AKT 4, I see blue cirkle. I ofcourse enter, I die. This make me very sad and very frustration for this. Is very hard to live becos I hev no thinks for protect me, is very hard now this akt 4, this is point why akt 3 town take all thinks that you hev. There are meny pepols now for help, I look quest book and I see quest KILL DIABLO, I become very excite! Is feels like very nice feelings from stomach, I very close from completemaring this game. I enter blue cirkle and I no die this time. I klick my body for get back, I walk, is very nice feeling when pley with real team. I think they design this game very nice becose those mans could speech like real man. Ground shake much very very, I hear voice very scary, I know only one think. Must be Diablo. This Diablo very hard. I die, then I see quest book say me, You Cannot Complete this quest in this Game. This made me very angry and mad. This first game I have not completed, is very hard game too.

This is my conklusion for game name Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction. Is very fun game but also very strange think happen from time to times. I think is very irratating for pley this game. Is very bad for if fail quest, never komplete agein, is very hard, but hard is good, for that reson, I make new Charakter will be a Bear, I Hear bear very nice, if like I will write a nice new guide for BEAR! And this time I will completary this game. I give this game 6/10 stars for differ resons that you might find stated above. It took me 12 days for me to meet Diablo, but I die, I fail.

Thanks for me.

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lol man i didnt even read that shit. after i read dextirality i was like LOL.
#5 Jun 21 2007 07:43pm
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not bad guide ill have to try this build out
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i cant even understand that shit.. i got a headache from trying lol
#8 Jun 22 2007 05:10am
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is very nice guide, for someone know how make stickie?
#9 Jun 22 2007 06:08am
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Quote (lone500 @ Thu, Jun 21 2007, 06:32pm)
lol man i didnt even read that shit. after i read dextirality i was like LOL.

jshdkjsd funniest shit i've seen all month

Quote (ihpunreal @ Thu, Jun 21 2007, 03:33pm)


ROFLED again

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omgzor lal
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