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Sep 14 2021 08:03pm
Via woke knowledge and deductive wokeness
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Sep 14 2021 08:09pm
sick confirmation...
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Sep 14 2021 09:25pm
New ladder with new end game contents seems like a good idea. New act I don’t think so.

Wouldn’t mind adding level 100 which is 5 more stats and 1 more skill points B)

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Sep 14 2021 09:28pm
Lol, no.
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Sep 14 2021 09:45pm
Quote (DaddyOfEast @ Sep 14 2021 07:14pm)
A New Act/Additional Content is Confirmed via common sense

fun fact:

this is the same proof flat earthers use.
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Sep 14 2021 10:01pm
Still waiting for anyone to give me a good reason other than my assumption that Blizzard recast Tyraels voice.
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Sep 14 2021 10:47pm
Quote (DaddyOfEast @ Sep 15 2021 02:14am)
A New Act/Additional Content is Confirmed via common sense and deductive reasoning via the simple fact they changed Tyrael's voice in D2R. They didn't change any other voices and only reason they would have done that is because they have future/additional content planned using Tyrial. We all know the guy who does Cain is still alive and during Blizzcon? event he did interviews about cains voice ect.

SO. They changed Tyrael's voice, when they voiced everythign over with original audio= Future content containing Tyrael planned.

GG, nice chaos Theory :ph34r:
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Sep 14 2021 10:48pm
Quote (RandomLostGuy @ Sep 15 2021 02:15am)
get out

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Sep 14 2021 10:57pm
one large coke

i want one large coke please
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Sep 14 2021 11:02pm
Quote (MeatballMike @ Sep 14 2021 06:43pm)

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