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Sep 15 2021 07:44am
Quote (Fulcher88 @ 15 Sep 2021 07:25)
This got off track quickly. Glad everyone is having a good discussion though! Just keep it civil!

I also am going to make a trip to costco to buy bulk pulled rotisserie chicken. Easy snack that I don't gotta cook.

But it would be good for everyone to know, that at any given time I could be using my foot spa while I slay demons.
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Sep 15 2021 08:20am
have a lot of cream and kleenex ready
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Sep 15 2021 08:45am
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Sep 15 2021 08:47am
Probobly gonna play on release all through the night, then work on friday before getting back and gaming some more =)

Just gotta fix all the snacks :)
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