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Sep 7 2021 07:42pm
I have to choose from one of the options below. Honestly, I don't I enjoy sociology at all. I have a hard time focusing in this subject. Which would you say is the easiest to get into and read up on for 250-500 word essay? I seriously can not choose

Topic #1 - Identify and discuss the social changes especially important to the development of Sociology; why was it important? Are there similarities to the society then and our current society? Be specific in comparing eras.

Topic #2 - Using the Macro level of analysis, compare and contrast the two theories associated with this level of analysis, as applied to the educational institution.

Topic #3 - Using Conflict theory, imagine and explain how sports have altered the status quo.

Topic #4 - Using Symbolic Interaction, give an overview of how a social scientist would apply this theory and it's focus, to a specific personal relationship. For example, holding hands, child rearing, dating and marriage.
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Sep 10 2021 12:43pm
#3 is a cake walk compared to the rest.
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Sep 13 2021 11:09am
1 or 4 I would say are very easy as well.
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