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Aug 9 2021 08:06pm
that the game has died.

There was a slight resurgence at the beginning of Covid, but now it looks like it's on its final leg.
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Aug 11 2021 08:58pm
RIP habbo.

I miss being 13 and playing this
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Aug 22 2021 04:06pm
Quote (arbitraryThe @ Aug 11 2021 09:58pm)
RIP habbo.

I miss being 13 and playing this

Same, my sister and I ran a falling furni scamming ring. We were rich AF!
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Sep 6 2021 12:47am
oh man, to be 15 again...

Edit: The pool has aids!

This post was edited by Hypnotization on Sep 6 2021 12:48am
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Sep 12 2021 10:40am
When they got rid of casinos it died. That’s where a lot of people just hung out
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Oct 3 2021 02:34pm
The memories I have of this game when I was also 13/14..
Playing after school with my friends on the computers in the grand entrance to the civic council offices.
There were only 3 so we had to share one to let the adults actually use them lol..
Really great and happy days. I had such a massive amount of furniture it was crazy.
All lost to time. I actually feel gutted. A weird panic feeling. I will bloody miss it!
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Oct 17 2021 08:33pm
Quote (huah @ Sep 13 2021 03:40am)
When they got rid of casinos it died. That’s where a lot of people just hung out

Just like real life!

But seriously being a Hobba back in the heyday was bad ass, so much admiration :D
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Oct 18 2021 04:44pm
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Oct 19 2021 08:21am
I use to have a casino in habbo full of thrones and Dino eggs and that grass floor with bird baths and all the rares the dice had 4 booths and use to take min throne bets good old days lol
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Nov 26 2021 02:19am
Can you make a casino anymore or is still considered against the rules?

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