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Aug 13 2021 06:52pm
Female lead? No thanks.
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Aug 15 2021 03:20am
Quote (jadeoshbogosh @ Jul 30 2021 10:24pm)
That’s 2 with Danny Glover and I just didn’t dig that one for some reason, maybe I should give it another watch.

to scary for you, stick to watching cartoons.
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Aug 17 2021 12:08pm
Actually thinking about selling my Disney stock after reading this news. You don’t HAVe to touch every fucking pot and ruin everything. Such a cool universe in theory with such god awful terrible movies
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Aug 23 2021 09:34pm
Quote (IgoSoHard @ Jul 31 2021 10:10am)
The only truly good Predator movie was the first one with Arnold.


Female lead

Looks like it’ll stay that way

from testosterone to soylent.
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