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Jul 28 2021 03:35pm
Good afternoon
I was thinking of getting guitar lessons. I am not sure if I should just go to guitar center and get lessons there or go online and buy a lesson plan full of videos and instructions.

Wonder what you music experts think?

About me: playing guitar for a few years, know basic chords but really I mostly play rocksmith and as such can play a few songs. I know nothing of music theory, what notes are what, or how to meander. I like rock and metal and one day would like to play lead and difficult solos and riffs. I strongly prefer electric over acoustic.

Pros of guitar center
1. Actually be with someone and get real feedback
2. Would help me commit
3. Would get me the music basics

Pros of online lectures
1. Can go at own pace
2. Can focus on what I want (but also a con because could be missing important things)
3. Won't feel bad about quitting or switching if it doesn't go well.

I could do both, but not sure if I have enough free time.

Thanks for the thoughts and feedback.

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Jul 30 2021 07:16pm
I have literally always wanted to learn guitar :bouncy:
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Sep 5 2021 06:17am
Definitely get lessons at least to start out. You don’t want to start off with bad technique that you will end up having to un-learn later. Basically what I would do is take a bunch of lessons for the first 3-6 months, then spread them out so that you can give yourself time to grow. I always found that when I was getting lessons too frequently I wasn’t able to relax and just let myself grow, but I was happy that I learned proper technique first because it really does make a difference. Good luck m8
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Oct 13 2021 12:34am
go to guitar center, it's expensive but they have really really good teachers it's worth it
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Nov 30 2021 04:13am
Would definitely find a teacher you can meet with face to face, it will be very beneficial to you.
You can find plenty of ppl online in your area, and maybe get a trial lesson.

You might have to see a few before you find the right one.

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Dec 11 2021 01:14pm
i think it really depends on what you want to learn. there are plenty of lessons on youtube that will help with theory and what style you are wanting to play. if you like rock and metal i would highly recommend to learn classical to teach you how to play with your fingers, fingerpicking can lead you down a new rabbit hole teaching you how to transition cords to your best potential it will also teach you cords you never knew about, arpeggios (a lot of string skipping arpeggios) and pretty much all your scales that you are going to use when you write your own music. this will give you all the tools you need to wright some sweet metal licks or have a nice and technical soft rock approach to anything you even think about playing.
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Feb 1 2022 08:37am
Nothing will replace practice.
Lots and lots of practice.
But on the good side is at some point it stops being difficult and you just play.
Then play all day.

No need to spend money on lessons.
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Feb 3 2022 05:25pm
While a teacher is invaluable (especially for giving you the right technique) it's probably not worth the money to find out. You should be able to create your own custom technique if you listen to your body anyway, but most can't actually do that so a traditional teacher that knows his shit might be invaluable for the first few months.

They are few and far between, good teachers. 98% of them are more interested in the money you're paying them than getting you better at guitar.

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Mar 4 2022 02:30pm
learn good technique from a teacher and have him look at your playing every now and then.
he will probably give you some exercises to let you know how "it's supposed to be done"
teachers that use classical guitar technique are the best.
that said you can just learn the music you like and don't really have to work on technique for a while or ever
it all depends on how invested you wanna be.
if you're gonna practice and play a lot it's best to do it with good technique or you will be wasting a lot of progress
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Mar 31 2022 09:24pm
guitar center + online lectures + your self experienced techniques, its all good

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