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Oct 12 2021 09:06am
Usually when they start putting you before themselves, it's up to you to reciprocate that.
This is usually tested when life throws curveballs at the time of you being together, they will take a figurative bullet for you or a literal one or help you through taking one.

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Nov 16 2021 12:32am
Quote (Tarisus @ Jul 26 2021 07:33am)
What is the undeniable sign that the woman/man loves you?

does thinks for you ane solely for you.

e.g. doesnt like giving bjs but gives them to you anyway out of love and to make you happy.

it is a give and take, which should be reciprocated.

another one is if she picks you over any friend in a fight.

if you get into some argument for whatever reason with her friend(s) she would take your side (if reasonable) or tell them off... there are also women who do the opposite and shi t on you behind your back on social media.

have seen and experienced both.

and then small stuff like remembering your favorite things and surprising you with them or appreciating you for who you are and letting you know that she does.
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