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Jul 21 2021 11:25am
Chris Paul has officially become the only player in NBA history to Blow 4 2-0 leads in a series. Chris Paul is a disgrace to the game of Basketball in a multitude of ways and he is a dirty player that is the kind of cuck to try to tackle someone and injure them then give that dumb mother fucking look to the refs and be like 'ref, bro, its a foul'. Chris Pauk you wouldnt know a correcty foul call if someones arms smashed your head in. You stupid fuck. How much of a dumb cunt are you CHris Paul to constantly flop and in front of thousands of people live and millions of people watching live on Camera you are going to pull complete fucking faggotry over and over and over and over again. Chris we can all fucking see you grabbing peoiples arms then sticking it in your crotch then flailing around like a white dude eating spicy food screaming at the ref that its a foul. Is that really your fucking move CHris are you fucking retarded dude everys ingle mother fucker in the building knows that you are being a complete fucking retard and what you are doing is embarassing to watch and its embarassing that what you do is allowed and part of the sport of basketball. Before you did it nobody even came close to the level of faggotry that you have come to Chris its really fucking embarasing how you act like it isnt the dumbest and most egresiously horrific thing to watch whenever you fucking play basketball you stupid mother fucker after all thesr fucking yeras you still act like a fucking c rated actor dude take some fucking acting classes something learn sleight of hand something dude cuz for years now your fakin has been beyonmd complete trash and I am really embarassed as a human to have to watch you do that. How many times during the last games did you literally stop everything and go cryuing to the refs you dumb mother fucker. this is basketball not acting school you fucking cuck bitch. Small dick mother fucker. ENjoy taking the L you take 's all your life Just like you take that BBC you mother fucking bitch fuck you CP3. Yo imagine being so fucking bad at basketball that you decide its a good idea to become part head of the players association then you decide its a good fucking idea to rally the troops and have the league change the rulews for you to allow playewrs to get paid more now the league is a fuckikng joke of over paid simmons players everywhwrebecuase of you cp3 you mother fucker. You piece of racist shit. Hockey players work 10x 20x 30x as hard as you do and dont complain and they get paidm les that thing you did to the PA to allow players to make hundreds of millions of dollars byt listing not a finger is a fucking joke you are almost single handedly ruining freanchises like CHarlotte bnecuase of your trash effoprts you mother fucker. Then you decide to give yourself the biggest NBA contract in history at the time and hwat does that do CHris? What does 160 milluion get you? NOTHING EMbarassing years at the CLippers. Clippers were a joke. CLippers WERE NEVER A CONTENDER. You are trash CP3 you took all that fucking money and played like dogshit for 3 years athen decided to pick up a basketball finally like real chump and play well your last year so you can secure another bag. Well you didnt mother fucker. YOu fucking didnt. You got a 5 mil contract after your record breaking 160 mil;. You were worth dog fuckign shit. I dont know how or Why Houston saved your sorry ass you ruined another franchise CP3 Houston was ruined becuase of you you stupid fucking dumb cuck. Shoot the fucking ball thats what you get paid to do. You are not an actor wrong fucking profession. Now you are a cancer to the Suns and they would have won without you 1009% Bubble Suns was not a fluke and Bubble Suns are way better than any team you ever have and ever will be a aprt of. Cp3 just fucking retire now becuase you drag any franchise you touch into the fucking dirt becuase you are not even human you are a selfish piece of shit. Cp3 yo are so fucking stupid and selfish and dont give a shit about the rules so much that you were part of the biggest tampering deal in the history of the sport of basketball. The trade was so fucking rigged that the worst commisioner of all time had to veto it. THINK ABOUT THAT. The most corrupt mother fucker to ever run the NBA looked at your deal CP3 and was like Wow thats fucking rigged as fuck. Thats embarassing you mother fucker. YOu didnt give a fucking shit about NWO you wanted them tyo rot into the ground and you run like a fairy over to the Lakers, thats what you wanted, you mother fucking cocksucker. You didnt get it. You didnt get a Ring. YOU WILL NEVER EVER GET A RING. Not because you arent good at basketball but because you are so mother fucking stupid you go onto the basktball court and dont even play basketball you play theatre dude its all an act and u are fucking trash. You know how many players that get paid 10-20 mil a year score more points than you? You know how many home grown teams Have won chips Cp3? All of them. Do better Cp3 you cant fucking rig the league in your favour get the biggest contract ever, then try to rig the league and get yourself on a super stacked team and then spend the rest of your career being an actor qqing to refs grabbing peoples arms n shit you fucking clown. CLOWN DUDE. Cp3 you have always been a bitch I am so fucking glad you will never ever ever win a ring because you mother fucker have ruined the league so much it is the only romanticide that brings me great pleasure know that complete selfish fuckign scumbags like you dont win rings there is justice in the world. You know The Bucks didnt just beat you they beat AND the refs fam 2v1 and you LOST cp3 go back home buddy no one fucking likes you just retire and cement your legacy as being the only mother fucker on the fucking planet to lose 4 count it fucking 4 series when up 2-0 Shame on you mother fucker there is a thing called Basketball maybe you should start playing it.

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Jul 21 2021 11:31am
my fucking eyes
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Jul 21 2021 11:50am
Holy wall of text
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Jul 21 2021 11:53am
Some spaces inbetween would be nice
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Jul 21 2021 11:56am
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Jul 21 2021 12:02pm
omg i cant read that im freaking out
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Jul 21 2021 12:20pm
Can i have an fg please
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Jul 21 2021 01:31pm
can i get a tl;dr please?

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Jul 21 2021 01:37pm
This copypasta?
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Jul 21 2021 01:46pm
U mad bro?
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