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Jul 22 2021 04:49pm
Quote (SagittariusA @ Jul 22 2021 09:13pm)
What in the actual fuck does tortured mean in that context?

too much elaborated, or requiring too much thinking
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Jul 23 2021 01:34pm
That moment when xhul learned some new English words over years, but still doesn't make any sense
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Jul 23 2021 04:27pm
Chances to get Merciless + King's prefixes are really slim. 1:300 (from an old calculator / memory)

That means it takes an average 300 imbues, or 12.5 full accounts of leveled chars. However if you have imbued 100 times already, that doesn't mean you chances are increasing.... deg. gamblers often believe it does, which is known as the gambler's fallacy.

If you set on a journey to create 300 imbues, there is still a chance of 36.7% = (299/300) that you won't get those 2 high ED prefixes.

For 8 chars --> 24 imbues there is a cumulative chance of 7.7% that you get something high dmg (Merciless+King's).

At clevel 74 you can get all the best stats except +20 str.

Imbue guide:
Imbue Mart at character lvl 74 --> thus creating a ilvl 78 Martel.
/end of guide
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Jul 24 2021 07:16am
I've gotten a few decent martels over the years...nothing over 180 though.

I usually try to imbue din scepters, as the chances to imbue keep going up 'til 94....gives you something to wait for til the end of the season.

Best I got was probably +1din +3bh....everything else was garbage
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Jul 30 2021 03:51am
I'm imbuerfed Martel >> get +99%ED!
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Aug 10 2021 08:01pm
In 1.09 when fire damage still stunned. 119 damage exec one handed with fire damage and kbk. Best sword mods to ever spawn. You would just lock them into a death stun for the duration of your ww. Also a 274 defense. 17 30 20 prism blue grim shield.
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