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Jul 16 2021 10:59pm
Closing lines will be used from VI consensus.

Moneyline and O/U can be seen from the link without any further navigation. To view Run Line, O/U, and 1st half (first 5 innings) odds go to "Line Movements" -> "VI CONSENSUS LINE MOVEMENTS"

MLB: https://www.vegasinsider.com/mlb/scoreboard/ (Moneylines carry an extra -5 juice)

*Moneylines for MLB games will have an extra -5 juice added from the link above.

*You can also view the lines by going to "Vegas Odds" and looking under VI Consensus column

If a line isn’t posted or is bugged by VI Consensus then the line will be looked up using https://www.sportsbookreview.com/betting-odds/ and would go in the following order:
Bovada -> Bet365 -> ESPN.com
If none of those have the line I will look it up on another site and link were the line is from.

For Wagers to be valid for MLB:

Moneyline: 5 innings must be completed (4.5 innings if home team leads)
Run line and O/U: 9 innings must be completed (8.5 innings if home team leads)

*For Scheduled 7 inning games (Double Headers)
Full game must be completed for Run line and O/U (6.5 innings if home team leads)

Wagers accepted:

Moneyline (ML): Winner of the game
Run Line (RL): Adds or Subtracts runs
Over/Under (O/U): Total score of the game
1st half Moneyline (1st 5 innings): Winner of the first 5 innings only

Wagers from NFL/NCCAF/NBA/NCAAM/MLB/NHL can be wagered in any of my books if you want to keep all of your wagers together. I would prefer you post in the thread with the game ending last.

Accounts that are 2019+ must send upfront. I also may require anyone to send upfront.

Max Payouts/Wagers:

Max Payout on Negative Line: 5000fg
Max Wager on Positive Line: 5000fg
Max Payout on Parlay: 50,000fg
Max Wager on Parlay: 5000fg
All parlays are calculated using: https://www.vegasinsider.com/parlay-calculator/
Minimum Wager: 100fg


Parlays can contain games across different sports.
Parlays cannot contain more than one ML or Spread for the same game. It’s invalid.
A parlay line can be used a maximum of 2 times amongst all parlays. (I may make an exception if you use them in non-max parlays, but message me first)
Parlays cannot contain Puck Line with O/U or Run Line with O/U. It's invalid.
If any game in a parlay has started the parlay can no longer be modified.
Parlays cannot span over multiple days. If it does only the games on that day will count.
If a line pushes then the parlay will be reduced by one leg. If it gets reduced to 1 leg and you have already maxed that wager in a single wager it is still valid and you will still be paid out for a win or charged for a loss.
If you put Max for a parlay the wager amount will be 5000fg. I will not calculate the max to win 50k, you must do that.

Requesting wager over the max:

You may request a wager more than the max. By requesting a larger wager that is your confirmation and it just needs to be confirmed by me to exceed the max. If it is not confirmed by me then the normal max will be used.

If you request an increase it is best to discord me to let me know so I can confirm it. You can also pm me on d2jsp but discord is better.

Other rules:

*You can list one or both pitchers to throw the first pitch if you would like. If the listed pitcher(s) doesn't throw the first pitch then the wager will get no action.

*If a wager isn't specified it will be taken as a ML wager. (Braves 100fg, is 100fg wagered on Braves ML)

*If an amount isn't specified in the thread then the bet is invalid, even if there is a gold log.

*If there is a double header and the game wagered isn't label. The next game that starts after you post in the game that is accepted.

*Parlays cannot contain Run Line with O/U. It's invalid.

*All lines are closing lines so if you write numbers in your post they may not be accurate at time of closing. You may request a line if you want
Example: Braves ML (only if -150 or better)

Rounding numbers after calculations:

Only whole numbers will be paid out, No decimals
Wagers of 100fg or more will be rounded up to the next whole number if it’s over .5, the rest get rounded down
Wagers under 100fg, the decimal will be truncated. (55.99 becomes 55)


All books are calculated separately. So it is possible to win in one book and owe in another.
You are welcome to make all of your wagers in just 1 book.

I usually will have payouts done shortly after the last game of the night.

I am liable for all wagers made in the book.

Please No Edits. If you want to change something please quote your prior post

If you make a wager in my thread, then you agree to the terms and conditions listed above
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Jul 16 2021 11:00pm
The new minimum wager has been upped to 100fg from 25fg
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Jul 17 2021 01:21am
5k Parlay
Twins G1
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Jul 17 2021 08:33am
Bluejays ml 100fg uf
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Jul 17 2021 09:44am
Phillies ML 100fg
Padres ML 100fg
Giants ML 100fg
Angels ML 100fg
Blue Jays ML/Dodgers ML Parlay 100fg

Phoenix Suns ML 200fg

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Jul 17 2021 10:36am
Twins G1 ML 2k
Blue Jays RL 2k
Athletics ML 2k
Cubs ML 2k
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Jul 17 2021 10:36am
Twins G1
200fg parlay

Padres ml 300fg
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Jul 17 2021 10:50am
Quote (chrisdabomb @ Jul 17 2021 03:21am)
5k Parlay
Twins G1

Riding this for 500
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Jul 17 2021 11:02am
Twins G1 ML 150 UF
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Jul 17 2021 11:10am
twins game 1- ml 115
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