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Jul 16 2021 05:41am
Rally Trap +850m.

Troops = 35.6m*
Gears are in mix setup like 380 440 360 around 400 400 400 in all with changes.
Monster gears mixed Leg + Mythic.

Account have billions of RSS + 1.1M gems to spend.
Account is in safe kingdom +770 Area.

Base research is 340m - Troops 425m

I have started to make Sigil research and soon i'm finishing the T5 troops. So base might will be around 400-420m

Only serious offers not looking a low balls.

Account have also alot speedies, shields uniques etc things to spend. And have Mixed guildcoins + scrolls upto 25.
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Jul 21 2021 12:33am
You are not allowed to trade accounts here.
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