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Oct 2 2021 11:31am
mmm I have only dated younger so....ifk lol
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Oct 2 2021 01:13pm
I like em a little younger
Jenova Project
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Oct 2 2021 01:14pm
Quote (Muff_Muff @ Oct 2 2021 03:13pm)
I like em a little younger

Take this quote and run with it someone.
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Oct 2 2021 04:25pm
Whats older and whats younger for you? :rofl:
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Oct 12 2021 05:45pm
I apparently look a bit younger (or so I'm constantly told), and the two serious relationships I've had have been with guys 2-3 years younger. I mean, it's not a big difference, but hey - if a guy approached me now in his late 20s it wouldn't be a deal breaker! (I'm mid 30s).
P.S. I don't go for them, they go for me! I've never actively gone after a younger guy, but if I meet someone, get along with them, a few years isn't a big deal :)
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Oct 16 2021 03:29pm
Well, if you have a reverse daddy complex then I guess I see what is going on here
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Oct 19 2021 10:50am
Not James Franco apparently
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Nov 16 2021 12:17am
This is common all over the place, some people are just into the whole daddy or mommy thing. I’m 36 and I match with college guys all the time on tinder who’s first message is hey daddy. I just go with it if they’re hot and I reply back hey son 👀 lmfaooooo. I’m not even into the whole call me daddy thing but I’ll tolerate mild fetishes for some good bussy.
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Nov 23 2021 01:57pm
Im a younger guy and have dated alot of older women. Its easier to me, older women been through stuff and are more honest up front. Women my age or younger just cant seem to figure anything out. Im 32 by the way. i have been involved with older women since my 20s. I have tried to find a younger woman recently and start a family but i just cant seem to relate to some women that are younger. I feel alot of them are vapid and empty inside, partly because of society has led them that way.

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