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Jun 27 2021 04:03pm
hey y'all :)

I recently decided it's finally time to get a decent camera again. mostly for photos but also for vids. amateur everday use in different scenarios. should be good overall and not to complicated to handle. maybe I'll become a semi professional at some point and upgrade lateron.

budget is around 1.5-2k

also which lenses/gadgets etc do you recommend?

are those two options even viable in 2021? are there better recommendations for that kind of budget?

thanks for your input in advance :)
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Aug 22 2021 03:29am
a7III would be a better choice than the 90d. since it's a full frame vs aps-c. plus the a7iii has IBIS. will get rid of many shaky shots for both videos and photos. and many more. it's obviously more expensive so make sure you have more money to spend on decent lenses too, which will go for another $300++ more depending on the lenses. i suggest prime lenses since the apertures are usually better than zooms. too much info. good luck
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