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May 30 2021 08:55pm
Hi guys,

I have basically written up my draft/essay which is due in a weeks time. I am completely illiterate so I am looking for someone to look over my essay and fix up errors/help improve my formatting/structuring.

I need 81% in this essay to maintain a High Distinction for the subject.

The essay is 2000 words for which I've completed 1900 (get 10% allowance).

I have done all the research, provided references for each of my points and can provide the marking rubric.

Basically, all that I need to be done is for someone to proofread, fix grammar errors, restructure some of my poor lost train of thought/arguments, linking my discussion to the given essay question and provide some feedback on how I can improve the strength of my essay.

(This is the first essay I have written in 14 years so it could be very weak).

Let me know a price, I can provide further information about the subject in PM's

Edit/ this is for University level and worth 50% of the total subject mark

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May 31 2021 07:49am
I can help. Should be no problem working on any grammar/flow issues. Help with argument should be ok. Might depend on the topic, but I don't anticipate having a problem in that regard. Feel free to PM with more specifics, I recognize that this is relatively time-sensitive.

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Jun 2 2021 03:50pm
not sure if i'll be of any help in addition to BuckarooBanzai, but i can proofread
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Jun 9 2021 07:14pm
any details regarding the subject? is this a university paper ?
Jul 10 2021 02:21am
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