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May 29 2021 07:42pm
About a year and 8 months old. Had to buy a new tank recently as built in filter died. Discovered this because fish was staying at the top breathing due to filter no longer circulating air.

For the last week with new tank he just lays at the bottom. I’ve done everything I can find from treating tank with beta fix shutting off filter (while running air with separate unit), and more hides. And some fancy salt treatment (outside of his living tank). As well as stopping feeding for swim bladder. But the situation hasn’t resolved with any efforts and he continues to just lay at the bottom.

This isn’t my first beta fish or tank. I’ve had many different fish but none of my experience seems to be working.

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May 30 2021 06:32pm
Fish has passed

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May 31 2021 01:52pm
Sorry for your loss
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Jun 27 2021 08:21pm
Quote (PrimordialSoup @ May 31 2021 02:52pm)
Sorry for your loss

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Jun 29 2021 03:53am
Sorry for your loss.

Isnt possible fish had parasites on her?
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Jun 29 2021 12:48pm
Was the new tank cycled ?
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Jul 20 2021 07:42pm
My gf wants a beta fish :O
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Aug 10 2021 01:32pm
Since it was a new tank and filter, did you test the nitrite in the Water?
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Aug 31 2021 12:09pm
Time to give Nemo a flush :(
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Sep 26 2021 06:43am
rip fishie
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