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#1 May 15 2021 08:33am
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#2 May 15 2021 08:36am
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All Charsi, The Armageddon Shell GC Is Worth 25-75 fg because lld and decent defense. would be worth more if 2os and fhr and life. gl on sale.
#3 May 15 2021 08:38am
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Wouldn't charsi the Craft amulet, solid MF barb temp.
#4 May 15 2021 08:39am
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i mean the amulet good for barb till he gets another

for intance i built a a1 merc pvp barb with dual last wishes the other season and agriff for that fcr bp

that ammy would been nice till i got better

i mean i'd have paid a few vex at min for it 2skill 20fcr and that nova is nice in pvp

edit: and mana essential too let's you use all vit

not charsi by any means

and at all the ppl who feel cool saying "charsi" to mid level items you are not cool

could have given it to a noob at the least

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