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#11 May 15 2021 04:54am
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Quote (Apo720 @ 15 May 2021 12:48)
And that is because he created his characters in November and reset was in December. Sounds strange, but that is how it is :rolleyes:

He already received the answer in 1 post.
#12 May 15 2021 04:55am
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Quote (Archive @ May 15 2021 06:19am)
I'm talking about the new ladder which arrives on june 6th.

So why'd you answer him so weirdly?

"Are you sure you didn't go wrong when creating your characters?

Note that after 90 days of inactivity, the characters are deleted."

He made his acc Nov 2020. It reset in December 2020.

There is his answer. You failed to read what he said twice now.

Quote (izParagonzi @ May 15 2021 05:47am)

You went AWOL for 1 year... reset happened two(2) times. Ouch.


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