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#41 May 16 2021 02:06am
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Quote (tom_1245 @ 15 May 2021 22:12)
Again. I didn't compare FO ever to blizz. This skill does work well in hell. I agree blizz of course does amazingly but you're getting way off topic. FO doesn't need a buff is all I was saying and is viable in hell.

Edit: I mean did you even read the topic or what I said literally said I never compared FO to blizz and your first statement is why do good players use blizz lmao. :bonk:

FO is pseudo viable on Hell, maybe if u have +10sks and every /p+ makes FOSor a time masohist

FO is most unique skill in D2, also 30lvl req mens something, it should back as meta skill cuz old players remember it as top cold skill, who cares if FO would as strong as BlizzBlast combo if D2 is super unbalanced and Cold is "balanced" by strong cold immunes.

Current FO is shit compared it to 1.09- ver
#42 May 16 2021 08:37am
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Quote (Ognadibik @ May 15 2021 06:08am)
Thats reasonable, i would love to see something like that

+ i wish they made fire druid viable too somehow :/

I was thinking the same, I would love to see more druid elemental options
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