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#41 Jun 11 2021 12:18am
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Quote (Sonnero @ 11 Jun 2021 00:22)
I don't follow any d3 streamers, but I've heard several have been caught running a bot off stream to gain paragon. Since in the end, paragon is what really lets you push to the top of the GR leaderboards.

The bigger problem are the cheats that help during grifts: sync rotations, autorecast with proper timing, pylon scouting, map density calculation and so on.
This is a huge help and break totally the competition.
there are guys in leaderboard at p1500 and you won't be able to run that result with a p5000, even if paragon help a lot, I agree.

Think about it on d2: I myself botted several char to 99. For sure it give an edge on pvp against lvl 8x char. But at the end it was not comparable with TMC/AA/Redvex
#42 Jun 11 2021 12:55am
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no absolutely zero play D2LoD like everyone else yo
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