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#11 May 5 2021 02:43am
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Quote (eerock @ May 5 2021 02:02am)

Some users change their jsp name to avoid harassment from other users - this would counteract that.

oh, fair, please close :)
Was coming from the other end where rep matters but I still want a new name.

This post was edited by Penguins0690 on May 5 2021 02:45am
#12 May 5 2021 10:41pm
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Quote (eerock @ 5 May 2021 09:49)
Okay. How about, it’s no ones business what someone’s username used to be? If a user wants to change their name for whatever reason they should be allowed to without it being shown to everyone. it doesn’t need to be advertised across the forums as this feature doesn’t serve much “benefit” to the masses aside from being nosey.

While we’re at it why don’t we list the previous guild(s) users were in as well? No benefit to the feature, but just another way to encroach on other users private/personal decisions.

If users want their previous account name to be known, they’ll publish it in their profile / signature

Yes and no

Obviously good thing to avoid harass

On other hand i don't like the idea of buying a "new me". I think it's often a good thing to know who you are dealing with. Could come with examples but on phone atm.

Disable namechange or track it for users with warns isn't satisfactory for some reasons but maybe you see the idea.
#13 May 6 2021 12:26am
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I don't see this happening, not in this manner at least, or possibly at this time. It might be something a verified member might be interested in though, or someone of similar nature.

Maybe the next best thing might be a nickname slot, or other slot options that can be purchased with forum gold. Maybe Top FG Trade, Most active Day, Etc.
#14 May 7 2021 10:49am
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No. Never.
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