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#81 May 5 2021 07:57am
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Quote (Sidgy @ May 2 2021 06:39pm)
nice tactic in paper but execpt guys like paul and gergo who mastered it perfectly who else can do that to outplay a necro /es sorc / bowa ?
also on bnet smite foh isnt anything anymore as swirls got patched and it doesnt stun at all now

i stopped 1.13 end. so no clue. and ye i played with them 24/7... i was wondering about that comment... back those days hdin in 1on1 was nearly unbeatable if you know how to play im.
#82 May 5 2021 01:12pm
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Quote (Ognadibik @ May 4 2021 05:32pm)
In what matchups do you think he has NO disadvantage btw? Just out of curiosity
As i see he has only clear disadvantage against druids

Ghost assa, barb (and obviously weak stuff such as java, melee druid, smite...). Maybe es sorc as smite foh stomp could allow him to do quick work of them while they need quite a lot of hit to kill the hammer

Nec / druid / trapsin and bowa all have a clear advantage against hammer (out of those, druid and ama would be the closest duel i would say but i didnt play since a long time)

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