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#71 May 4 2021 12:42pm
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Quote (Piwah @ May 3 2021 07:04am)
Most definitely not, they're at a dis advantage vs most chars in actual GM duels with decent players

People who just play pubs only will probably think they're op tho XD

Agreed, Hdin is only fun vs skilled players
Anything else is just a freekill for Hdin
#72 May 4 2021 01:17pm
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Quote (rabidfruits @ May 4 2021 02:13pm)
Like a barb matchup, bad charges are not worth the risk/reward. I think the hdin is heavily favored using oak and tele. Just stomp the zon and tele in front of their run path? The hdin has a large margin of error (can take so many hits from dr/mb/high life) whereas the zon can get caught on a puddle or attacking during a throw lock. Desynch doesn't really affect the matchup because namelock works through it and like the long-desynch whirls, it becomes easy to predict movespeed.

I think the matchup the ping dependent. If the hdin can foh without delay and then tele, the matchup gets much better. Otherwise I think the zon has the edge assuming both players are skilled.
#73 May 4 2021 01:23pm
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Please hurt hammerman the way hammerman hurt me
#74 May 4 2021 01:46pm
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Honestly I love HvZ, very fun and Interesting.
As hdin, it's all about anticipation, blind spotting, offscreen/ct stomping and being fast enough to avoid hits.

Imo, Smite foh is a thing but not such a big deal (especialy after wsg buff). Anyway it's ping dependant, rip.

Good matchup meNS.

Btw D2R wider screen may have a little impact on this match up, it will Be easier to avoid hits and to surprise zon offscreen jumps B)

As example : https://youtu.be/RjrEUsSvHHY
Shit moves and lag tho :lol:
#75 May 4 2021 01:57pm
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Another useless thread

And dha is right

Btw necro shits on hdin

Oh is that how that zon was hitting you so much in that dvz matchup from range?

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#76 May 4 2021 03:04pm
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hdin fine in gm, annoying af when every other game has a bm hdin, mods or not. very few, if any counters to bm hdin
#77 May 5 2021 03:03am
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No nerfing dmg. Stop chasing Hammers. Use Sound.
#78 May 5 2021 03:04am
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#79 May 5 2021 03:10am
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lol git gud
#80 May 5 2021 04:33am
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