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Apr 24 2021 12:18pm
Need someone to review a paper before submission.
Typically not concerned with the strength of my writing submissions, but it's imperative that I earn at least an 81% on this paper to keep my A :wallbash: :(
The paper is for healthcare economics, on the topic of healthcare reform.

Therefore, I do not need someone who feels the need to interject their own opinion.
Currently the paper is still in draft mode, will be working on it all day though. Making this post in advance , to hopefully organize with someone.

Need :

1) General grammar and mechanics checking
2) Confirmation of cohesion between ideas
3) Checking APA 7 standards, except the title page
4) Confirm reference listings match the standards of APA 7 as it applies to reference type (book, journal, etc)
5) Comments/suggestions which are not specifically content related.

Don't Need:
1) Someone Fact-checking my work
2) Political opinions

Expected paper length is 6-8 pages, likely in the 7-8 page range.
Let me know how much fg you want, and I should be able to make it happen.
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Apr 25 2021 04:55pm
Jul 10 2021 06:35am
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