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Apr 22 2021 05:33pm
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so basically, never read this topic, fuck you all you're blatantly pussy fags. but if you're not. cool, glad to talk with you]]

fuck your advice, this is rant line imo

today i met a couple of gay people, all good, getting drunk. waiting outside a supermarket, jamming on my harmonica to pass some time - some fit ass girl comes and makes her acquaintance with me. it's a HOT experience.

The gay guys i met, cockblocked me, telling the girl I have I girlfriend... Man, the story goes deeper but going into how else they were doing this is something else really, shit i didnt even notice till I got home. Sure bit of a rant, but I've come from a dark place and having a girl of this quality getting hot with me was... well, what I need and what I deserve. There's a fucking reason she was into me, it's because I'm next level. Not like what I would assume is you neckbeards or simps.

Fuck you guys, everyones an asshole, probably including that girl I met, but at least I would have had some fine ass and great company for a while if it hadn't been for the bullshit gay dudes

this is real life btw

let the entertainment commence
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