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#1 Apr 17 2021 02:02am
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So I've read conflicting things online, but I think the general consensus is that +dmg from Grief is added to smite.
I know that +min or +max damage does not affect smite.

My question is twofold:
Do "Adds X-XX Damage" jewels affect smite? (ex. Adds 5-15 damage, would be a 5min-15max rare/magic jewel)
Would a flat "+ Damage" jewel combination affect smite? (ex. helm with 2x 15min + 1x 30max = Adds 30 Damage)*
* Yes, I know this would be a small amount compared to Grief's 340+ Damage, but I still thought it would be worth knowing.

Couldn't really find anything about this online
If I can't find an answer I'm just going to test it, but if anyone has already I'd like to know :)

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to reply and give some insight!
#2 Apr 17 2021 02:57am
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#3 Apr 17 2021 04:50am
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Doesnt work
#4 Apr 17 2021 11:01am
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Grief and astreon are unique modifier “+damage” and work with smite

The X-Y damage on rare and magic items are two separate modifiers, one for min and one for max
X-Y damage on unique items like war traveler are a unique modifier that function the same as the two mod above, and neither apply to smite
Neither of these are the same as the +damage unique modifier

They look similar but are treated differently ingame
The +damage stat is only on weapon currently. Not sure if it works on other item because those item do not exist

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#5 Apr 18 2021 06:05am
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It's a bit confusing. There are very few items with grief +400dmg modifier. Another example is Astreon's Iron Ward +85dmg.
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