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#1 Apr 16 2021 11:35pm
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I really don't understand what is going on. This only started happening recently. I have had this PC since February 2020 and as of the start of April 2021 I have started to have this problem.

While I am playing a game, completely random the screen will completely freeze and lock up and I have to ctrl+alt+del end process and restart the game. Sometimes it happens every 10 minutes, sometimes every hour.

I thought maybe my graphic settings were too high but I lowered them to the lowest setting and it still does it all of the time.

I did a complete system restore of factory settings (I'm not the best at computers but I do know some things) to try and get a fresh start but every game still does it.

I did a Ram health check and it said that both ram sticks are great.

Did a graphics card test and it says it's not the graphics card.

Did a cpu test and it says there is nothing wrong with the cpu.

Attached is my dxdiag log of what I am currently using.

If there is anything you need please let me know, I am really getting frustrated. I know my PC isn't "amazing" but I shouldn't have any problems playing any games on High or Ultra settings in 1920x1080 as this is what I've been doing since I owned the system.

#2 Apr 17 2021 01:35pm
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if everything else works on your computer than it sounds like an issue with your video card. Try updating your video card driver or if you cant try to rollback to previous driver. if none of those are options for you or don't work go to the next extreme, go into your computer tower remove your video card plug your display to your motherboard and run off integrated graphics. if u can game without crashing with your graphics card is removed then you can assume the issue is faulty graphics card/ faulty drivers/ pci express port issue.

make sure your graphics card - motherboard - cpu - system ram are all compatible with each other all connections and wires are correct and of course double check your power supply is enough to power your system and graphics card
#3 Apr 17 2021 04:16pm
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Not sure what GPU test you ran, but throw MSI Kombustor at that, and see what happens.
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