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#1 Apr 15 2021 04:41pm
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whats best wireless mouse for under 50$?

was told to get Logitech g305

any opinions?
#2 Apr 15 2021 05:00pm
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I use the Logitech G203 which is an older model and wired but I love this mouse, never had any issues. Its a bit smaller than some people like, its only a little bit bigger than the basic dell mouse.

I bring up my G203 because the G305 is physically built the same the main difference I see between the two (other than wireless) is that the G305 is using a newer sensor.

One thing to note about the G305 is that its not rechargeable and uses batteries which can definitely be a huge benefit or massive flaw!

Hopefully this helps a bit!
#3 Apr 15 2021 06:28pm
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Logitech M720 Triathlon

Good mouse if you're on multiple system simultaneously
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