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Sep 21 2021 12:15pm
Quote (Tapir @ Sep 21 2021 08:10pm)
Flander red ales i havn't tasted any(guess Leffe isn't a red ale).
Lambics I have tasted three - four diffrent brands and and not in my flavour.
Iperial Stout i actually like, same as porter and barley wine.

I actually used to drink alot of beer. Even went on a few brew your self courses and brew togather with my brother in law.

But then i went on Keto diet and dindn't drink beer for a long time and afterwards I didn't apprciate beer as much as I used to.

leffe is more of a trappist kind of ale iirc. belgian quad style is gg usually
do you remember which kind of lambics? geuzes are very differen from lambics for example :p
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Sep 21 2021 12:16pm
Spotted Cow
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Oct 11 2021 02:30am
Modelo negra... But usually anything dark. I love a good stout.
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Oct 16 2021 05:44pm
The kind that isn't pale ale.
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