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#21 Apr 15 2021 09:05pm
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Quote (Godzillatoss @ Apr 13 2021 03:45pm)
So I have a AMD 2600 and RX 590 Fatboy

Same thing happens when I try to queue into Escape from Tarkov games occasionally:

1) Both screens turn black
2) keyboard/mouse LEDs turn off
3) GPU fans kick into hyperspeed and sound like a jet engine

Safe to say its not a Temp issue as some days I run tarkov 10 hours with no issues
This issue only happens when I queue for a match, so I'm thinking it could be a lack in wattage provided by my PSU?

Anyone know?

I wouldn't rule it out as a possibility but typically a system will shut down completely when there are power delivery issues. You would always plug all your components into a power supply calculator to see if yours is powerful enough.

Like I said previously as well, a power delivery issue like that would occur when power usage is at it's highest (when actually playing a game and using the GPU/CPU). You say that the issue only occurs when queueing.
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