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#11 Apr 7 2021 07:13pm
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Look some speedrun videos and you'll see! :)

For sure you need a sorc for quick tele in any game. If you are a huge team then more than one for sure. Pala convic is really a must tbh.
#12 Apr 8 2021 12:07am
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sorc + hdin
#13 Apr 13 2021 12:46pm
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#14 Apr 13 2021 12:51pm
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me + he
#15 Apr 13 2021 01:04pm
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Sorc and hammerdin are core. No other combo is worth considering. If you’re adding a third, another hammerdin just honestly sounds like the best as well. I disagree about going light sorc, though. In hell, without proper gear, the sorc is for teleporting and supporting your hammerdins with static and freeze (blizz/glacial spike). Hammers do the rest, no conviction required. Have one just use meditation for convenience.

If you aren’t on HC, you don’t need to worry about BO barb / summon necro for survivability. Just teleport through the game and do insane hammer damage.
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