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Apr 2 2021 12:44am

Finally got back into this game and I've got like 600mil credits what should I buy? :lol:
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Jun 29 2021 11:47pm
Wow, that's amazing. There are some fun legacy unlocks that you can buy with creds but your legacy leve.

Save up for 41 stat color crystals off the gtn. Hawkeyes and eviscerating and indestructible crystals are good for leveling. Some of the newer ones are fairly cheap. Just limit the search to level 11 or you'll get all the level 50 only crystals.

Once you get a crystal you can unlock it in your collections and give it to all your toons and their companions.
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Aug 19 2021 10:43pm
Is this game any fun?
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Sep 1 2021 11:54am
Quote (Jinglejangle @ Aug 19 2021 10:43pm)
Is this game any fun?

Try it and see.
I enjoy it
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Sep 7 2021 06:59am
Used to play this game years back. Is it worth getting back into? I see there is a good few more expansions out.
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