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#11 Feb 25 2021 08:49am
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Quote (EmericAn @ Feb 25 2021 08:47am)
Did I hurt your feels?

lol being on a d2 site ironic
#12 Feb 27 2021 11:15pm
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Quote (EmericAn @ Feb 24 2021 04:05pm)
I play poe maybe every 2-3 seasons, not religious about the game in any way. But it’s better than Diablo 2

#13 Feb 28 2021 12:15am
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Quote (camopk @ Feb 24 2021 11:27am)
if they did anything more they would just screw it up so i'm glad that they arent trying to do too much

pvp players are worried that some of the bugs that are crucial mechanics in dueling might not be present on the new servers, so they already might be impacting the balance of the game in a bad way
for example, if they fix weapon switch glitch, then escaping mind blast becomes nearly impossible which will make trappers insanely overpowered
if they fix desync then zons will be at a big disadvantage

it remains to be seen if other bugs will still work like chainlocking and c/t tele (where you bring up your inventory to tele further), but if they don't then the skill ceiling will be lower and dueling will be more bland

tl;dr graphics are for newbs
bugs escalated d2 to an art form but some of that might be lost in the remaster

you realize the d2 pvp system was always broken, unbalanced, and complete garbage to any serious gaming competitions right? i mean right?

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#14 Feb 28 2021 10:44pm
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Both are different and great games, stop being whiny babies all of you.
#15 Mar 1 2021 01:26am
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Quote (EmericAn @ Feb 19 2021 03:00pm)
Ummm.... thats its? lmao these graphics are laughable and barely better than the original graphics.

POE loooks 5 times better graphics wise

lol tells you to go to diablo2.com and that site doesnt exist

I can't tell if you're blind or trolling.
#16 Mar 1 2021 10:00pm
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i know! finally
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