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Feb 13 2021 03:40am
still low prof lvl (5) so been able to gain 0.5-1 lvl every 1-2days pending how hard i go. i know it's going to decrease drastically as i lvl up and the items needed are harder to find. what's your expected time/speed for gaining profs above lvl 5 (5-10, 10-15, 15-20) and any do you have any specific advice? been muting t2 magics - mysticals and t3 magics, plan to mostly stick to the lower items based on charts iv'e seen

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Feb 13 2021 06:40pm
I honestly dont keep track of my speed. At level 8 muting prof, like midway thru, i started doing lvl 5 magical items. Level 9 currently still doing just lvl 5 magicals. Takes a little time but its easy.
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Feb 14 2021 01:25am
See i think a lot of it is personal preference for speed.

I'm lvl 10 and still do mainly tier 3s I can do tier IV but for me they take too long, and I can do 2 tier 3s in the time it takes to do one tier IV

Alot of muting is trial by error, I havent paid any attention to that chart. :)
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Feb 14 2021 04:15am
I don't know much about muting... only advice I can give you is to test the prof point gain per time you spend per tier.

I noticed that when I was muting on my bufcore (even only Rank 1), I found I got 6 prof points per Magical Tier 1 in around 20-30 seconds, and when I did like Tier II items, I would fail or only get like 9 prof points for like 1m 30s ... so to me it was better to carry on going Magical Teir I in less time and get more prof points.

Test it out... I am nowhere knowledgeable to give good advice, I am only telling you what I noticed from Rank 0 to Rank 1 and a little bit after.

EDIT: the new update to allow you to see the prof point information with skilling was a great add.

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Feb 16 2021 04:18am
No real data, but was lvl 5 early December 2020, currently 19. Have been going alot with the highest mutable items possible, since i only source from solo climbs.

Gl on your endevours!
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